Sunday, February 27, 2011

Early Inspiration Monday

Occasionally I feel like going into hibernation. There is so much creative output, writing, expression, and conversation happening every day in my life that every once in a long while I become empty. Not empty of thoughts, but empty of the desire to distribute them out to the world. I need a recharging time. So you probably won't see much here for a little while. Don't worry, though, I always come back, revitalized and ready to go again!

Here are my interesting links for the week (and most likely for the next few weeks as well). Have fun thinking through them.

Most teachers are forced to focus on preparing their students for "achievement tests", and not preparing them for life or developing their talents. This is one of the sad failures of today's modern public school system.

These bad communication habits are common. Not to say that women don't also contribute just as equally to miscommunication, but this article focuses on areas where men can improve, without disparaging the male population (which I do appreciate).

This is a great outlook on the controversial topic of eating meat. I used to want to be vegetarian, because I didn't like the cruelty behind the meat industry and I just didn't like the taste of animal products; my two long periods of vegetarianism ended due to increasing bouts of illness, unhealthy weight loss, and the realization that my husband (then beloved boyfriend) absolutely loved meat dishes. All around, it's better for me to consume meat in small quantities a few times a week.

After I read about the Language of Vagueness, I haven't been able to stop hearing it spoken wherever I enter the public environment! It's beginning to drive me a little nuts...

One of the questions running through my head recently has been this. I'd like to think that I'm mature, but how do I know? I believe Heather has addressed the topic successfully.

And last but not least, third graders can be totally awesome.

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