Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration Monday

Rather than posting tons of links on Facebook, I'm going to put all the articles, videos, and thoughts that I find online throughout the week in one blog post here. Many other blogs do this and call it Inspiration Monday. I think the idea is that the links will give you positive inspiration to head into your week with joyfully renewed vigor, but my inspiration is a little different. I can't promise that everything here will always be happy-rainbows-puppies-love-filled, but my links will hopefully cause you to think deeply, become more aware of different subjects, question the meaning of things, and perhaps even be willing to try something new. By the way, don't be surprised if you see a link here that you, the reader, either sent to me to read or posted on your own Facebook wall. I will unashamedly use your links for redistribution. In the interests of society, of course : )

Who knew that this rising band which I enjoy was a huge fan of G.K. Chesterton? I'm imagining a Chesterton-inspired CD in the future...

Women complain about men's immaturity, but maybe the real problem is that men have been robbed of the means to find their identity and become mature adults. 

On the other hand, here's one country where the the priorities of women are vastly different than in America. Who knew that this would make women happy? <--- me being sarcastic

Do you think this legendary character was the greatest father ever, or a total parent-failure?

My favorite quote from this article was, "Across the state, thousands of families are quietly pursuing their own path. Not burdening the system, not asking for a handout, not sucking up tax dollars, not filling up the youth prisons or wreaking havoc on the streets. (No, we don't have numbers on this. But do you know anybody mugged by a homeschooler?)" 

What a difference it would make in so many peoples' lives if their views of life and God were centered on this. It inspires me to do the same. 

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