Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turning Mourning into Dancing

I fully admit to being impatient. I will agree with anyone who says that I am too quick to speak without thinking. Everyone has faults, and it seems that mine show themselves often enough that they must be fairly obvious to me and everyone else!

But when I was confronted with the possibility that I might be suffering from ungratefulness, my first thought was, "Surely not! I always remember to say thank you to people!"

Then I was called to look deeper than outward expressions of thanks. What was the state of my heart?

I was not content with my circumstances. I was frustrated with my sickness (Lyme disease, fortunately being treated) and lack of energy. I was complaining a lot.

When confusion dims my sight
Let your joy come in the morning
Drive the darkness from the night
Turn my mourning into dancing

Yet I have a wonderful husband who has been diligently running the household, doing dishes, laundry, cooking, taking care of me, etc. My ongoing healing process is aided by my doctor, antibiotics, healthy food, lots of sleep, a comfortable bed, clean environment, safe water to drink, supportive family and friends, and many other good things.

How could I have all those benefits and still be ungrateful for what I'd been given?

So for the past few days, I've been trying to cultivate gratefulness in my heart in place of dissatisfaction.

Encircle me, O Trinity
Let your joy come in the morning
Lord your joy my strength will be
Turn my mourning into dancing

Focusing on my blessings.

Meditating on the Psalms.

Deliberately choosing to smile instead of frown.

Being content with where I am and the body that I have.

Loving those around me even when I'm tired.

Not complaining.

Finding hope.

When anger to the wind is cast
Let your joy come in the morning
Weave your peace around me fast
Turn my mourning into dancing

I want to dance!


  1. Song lyrics are from The Crossing's song, "Turn My Mourning Into Dancing". Lovely Celtic group from the Midwest area.

  2. I can be an ungrateful complainer, too. <3